It is also known as Next Generation TOEFL (Internet-based TOEFL) rather than CBT.

TOEFL (iBT) is an Internet-based exam. The TOEFL iBT measures four basic skills in English. Speaking, listening, reading, writing. Speaking test

TOEFL is a test required by nearly all universities and high schools in the United States for non-native speakers of English. If the student has not lived in an English speaking country or has lived for less than 4 years, he or she must submit a TOEFL when enrolling.

Differences from CBT

It is not a full-CAT. In other words, the answer to the preceding question is not the type that determines the difficulty level of the next problem, there is no structure section,

Partial – Fingerprints are about 2 times longer (5-10 paragraphs, 700-900 words). When you click on a difficult word in the fingerprint, the explanation comes out. (Type of problem with a high score), you can not go back to the front fingerprint. (However, you can go back and forth within the print.)

Scoring System – “Score from the new TOEFL test will provide information about performance in the four skill areas students need for success in an academic environment.”