2018, Summer Program (6/18 ~8/10)

Harmonization of tutoring

1. Get regular lessons and get customized lessons for you with tailoring.

2. Tutoring by level: English basics, digestion of regular lessons, basics of reading, advanced reading, etc.

3. Targeting: Improve your grades the fastest by focusing on the deficient areas. Reading, Writing, and Math.

Instruct SAT-I & II, ACT, and AP prior learning as a systematic grade

We will provide dreams and wishes to our children by direct instruction by Ph.D specialist instructors and incumbent teachers who have long experience and skills.

Experience and know-how

The KnE Academy has been studying with us for the last 15 years.


The KnE Academy takes people seriously and is committed to quality classes in good relationships.

Careful care

Your goal is the goal of the KnE Academy. We appreciate the unlimited potential of our students and help them to demonstrate their abilities.

Education philosophy

The KnE Academy focuses on the process of improving the student’s true learning skills rather than teaching shortcuts for exams.


The KnE Academy believes that only good instruction, ongoing counseling, and a well-organized curriculum can lead to successful student achievement. This is an advantage of the unchanging KnE academy.

Devotion and sacrifice

The KnE Academy promises generous support for students and their families to make the best of their time.